I. Read and translate the text.

Electricity is something we do not notice until we do not have it. However, few people understand what it is and still fewer can explain it. Let us try it anyway.

So, what is electricity? Electricity is simply a movement of charges particles through a closed circuit. The electrons, which flow through this wire, carry a negative charge. A lighting discharge is the same idea, just without the wire.

Electricity is made by converting some form of energy into flowing electrons at the power plant. The type of power plant depends on the source of energy used: thermal power ( coal, oil, gas, and nuclear, underground steam), solar power (photovoltaic), kinetic power (water, wind) and chemical power (fuel cell).

After it is made, electricity is sent into a system of cables and wires called a transmission grid. This system enables power plants and end users to be connected together.

II. Answer the following questions.

1. Where is electricity used?
2. When has become possible the wide application of electricity in the nation?
3. What is an electron?
4. How electricity is produced?
5. What types of power plants do you know?
6. What is the function of the transformer?
7. How does the light bulb work?

III. Restore the original sentences.

1. Do, we, notice, not, electricity.
2. Some, understand, what, electricity, people, is.
3. a, is, used, the, voltage, electricity, transformer, change, to, of.
4. the, electrons, negative, charge, carry, a.