7 common risks to protect yourself against

Coal dust. Dust inhalation or coal dust is one of the most common concerns for miners. ...

Noise. Mines are noisy places, with the constant of drilling and heavy machinery, and the potential for hearing damage is quite serious. ...

Whole body vibration. ...

UV Exposure. ...

Musculoskeletal disorders. ...

Thermal stress. ...

Chemical hazards.

V. Choose the suitable words and translate the sentences:

1. The danger of electric shock (appears, disappears) when the conductor becomes (live, dead).
2. Current passes through faulty (earthed, unearthed) part of installations when the power is on.
3. Low accuracy of measurement is (an advantage, a disadvantage) of the measuring device.
4. The danger of electric shock (increases, decreases) in the wet and hot atmosphere.
5. No current flows through a (dead, live) conductor.

VI. Fill in using the verbs to detected, to appears, to disappears, to decreases.

1. When resistance increases, the risk of electric shock … .
2. Faults in electric installations are … by means of special devices.
3. Electric power … only on live conductors with power on.
4. When the device is switched off electric power … .

VII. Remember the words

SafeSafetyDanger Strength
EarthGroundDead Dangerous
Strong To saveTo disappear To appear
Live DryWet Atmosphere
Detect Under voltageUnder 20 V Over 30 V
The power is onThe power is offGreat strength Dry air
Dead conductorLive conductors