The nature of electricity

I. Read and learn the following words.

It achieves the power – вона набуває здібності
After the Greek word – від грецького слова
Moreover – більш того
To rub – терти, натирати, шліфувати
Spark – іскра
Repel – відштовхувати
Sealing wax rode – палиця з сургуча
A rod of glass – скляна палиця
Amber – бурштин
Magnetism – магнетизм
Resin – смола

II. Read and translate the text.

The ancient Greeks knew that when a piece of amber is rubbed with wool or fur it achieves the power of attracting light objects. Later on the phenomenon was studied, and, the word electric, after the Greek word 'electron", meaning amber was used. Many scientists investigated electric phenomena, and during the nineteenth century many discoveries about the nature of electricity, and of magnetism, which is closely related to electricity, were made. It was found that if a sealing-wax rod is rubbed with a woolen cloth, and, a rod of glass is rubbed with a silken cloth; an electric spark will pass between the sealing-wax rod and the glass rod when they are brought near one another. Moreover, it was found that a force of attraction operates between them. An electrified sealing-wax is repelled, however, by a wax rod, and also an electrified glass rod is repelled, by a similar glass rod.

The ideas were developed that there are two kinds of electricity, which were called resinous electricity, and that opposite kinds of electricity attract one another, whereas similar kinds repel one another.

III. Put the missing letters.


IV. Answer the following questions:

1. When was found electric phenomena?
2. What does a force of attraction mean?
3. What kinds of electricity are there?

V. Put the letters in the right order to have a word.

Epice ________owpre ___________ctcleeiirty _________ieuorsns_________
Bamre _______ectelicr ___________sxwaaigned ________cttraa ____________
Olwo ________eonleter ___________eorfc _____________ miisarl ___________
Dro _________csideroyv __________ eeprl _____________ tghli _____________

VI. Build the sentences from the following words.

1. was, the, electric, amber, word, used.
2. electric, many, phenomena, scientists, investigated.
3. a, found, was, that, it, force, of, them, between, operates, attraction.
4. that, are, the, ideas, were, two, of, kind, developed, there, electricity.
5. kinds, of, attract, opposite, one, electricity, another.

VII. Match the column A with the column B.

AttractingGlass rod
A piece ofElectricity
A rod ofLight objects
The nature ofCloth
A woolenRod
An electricGlass